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Donating to a cause you care about, not only will help us as a Non Profit to be able to reach more children and do more, But will deeply rewarding rewarding yourself too. Giving always have a positive effect in our own lives, Giving a Child will be the most fulfilling action.

  • The first years of a child’s life are the most critical – and dangerous. Despite remarkable progress in child survival, nearly 6 million children under age 5 still die each year, mostly from preventable or treatable causes like pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria. Thanks to you, we’re doing whatever it takes to ensure access to lifesaving health care, right from the start, so babies and their mothers can survive and thrive.
  • Learning to stay healthy. Children can’t reach their full potential if they’re not in school and learning. Yet millions of children each year are missing out on education due to preventable illnesses caused by unsafe water, poor sanitation and unhealthy diet. Thanks to sponsors like you, we’re addressing these barriers and teaching children lifelong health, hygiene and nutrition habits they can use in school and at home for years to come.

Who Can Apply?

If you’re wondering how to help children in need – please know that every little bit counts. A blanket. Clean water. Educational supplies for schools that have none. From America to HAITI, Sarodj For A Purpose is there, helping one child at a time. But we can’t do it without you. Whether you give, volunteer or run a road race, your generosity means the world in the life of a child. Our volunteers and sponsors make up our Core Community. It is our goal to ensure that they are able to participate in meaningful ways and have many opportunities to evolve their own understanding and practice of Conscious Capitalism, build relationships with other like-minded people, and help to amplify our message. As a growing chapter, we have many opportunities for you to get involved by simply giving your time. Our needs include help with events, social media support, communications, and more. Let us know that you would like to be part of our Core Community.

  • Sponsor Development
  • Communications / Events
  • Social Media
  • Marketing / Copywriting
  • Photography / Video / Graphic Design
  • Special Skills or Services


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