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Donating to a Cause you care about, not only will help us as a Non Profit do be able to reach more children and do More, but will be deeply rewarding for your self too. Giving always have a positive effect in our own lives, Giving to a Child will be the most fulfilling action. 

Sarodj For A Purpose’s programs reach both childrens in extrem poverty and orphans, to save and improve their lives. We help children’s find their PURPOSE in life, assist them in accessing education and health care. Through our different programs, Sarodj For A Purpose assist children not only in the streets of HAITI, but also in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. We believe a smile can change a children perseption of life, and empower them to understand their worth and their social responsibility towards others. 


Sarodj Bertin y Quimico Ultramega juntos por una noble causa

La cantante haitiana lleva 10 años con esta iniciativa de su fundación “Sarodj For A Purpose” donde entrega útiles Escolares a Niños de bajos recursos …

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Familias afectadas por terremoto en Haití reciben donación

Unas 700 familias de la comuna Corail, uno de los pueblos más afectados con el terremoto ocurrido el pasado 14 de agosto en Haití, fueron …

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La cantante Sarodj solicita ayuda para Haití tras terremoto

La actriz y modelo, que reside entre República Dominicana y Estados Unidos, busca, a través de su Fundación Sarodj for a Purpose «suministros médicos para …

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